One Person Can Make a Difference CITIZEN ADVOCACY One Person Can Make a Difference CITIZEN ADVOCACY One Person Can Make a Difference CITIZEN ADVOCACY One Person Can Make a Difference CITIZEN ADVOCACY

Our History

Sunbury Citizen Advocacy is a federally funded not for profit organisation which facilitates and supports advocacy and independent relationships for people with intellectual disabilities. Read more to discover the history of how it evolved into its current state.

How does Citizen Advocacy Help?

We recruit and support caring, responsible voluntary citizen advocates on a long-term one to one basis. Advocates aim to make a positive difference in the life of a person who may be lonely, face difficult challenges or be in a risky situation.

Citizen Advocacy Videos

View some of their experiences together which was facilitated through our program.

Who are Citizen Advocates?

Citizen advocates come from all walks of life, are of all ages, and each brings with them a very individual range of life experiences and expertise.

Most citizen advocates have had no significant involvement with people with a disability before becoming an advocate and many have found that their long-term commitment to a person with a disability can be a powerful force in that person’s life.

What is Citizen Advocacy?

Citizen Advocacy is a community based program which aims to recognise, promote and defend the rights and interests of people with an intellectual disability.

It does this by finding and supporting caring, responsible everyday citizens who are prepared to act voluntarily to make a positive difference in the life of a person with an intellectual disability (protégé), who may be lonely, face difficult challenges, or be in a risky situation

The Citizen Advocacy office carefully matches protégés and citizen advocates ensuring that there is a good match between the needs and interests of the protégé and the abilities, resources and commitment of the citizen advocate.

Citizen Advocacy has no sectarian or political affiliations and is motivated only by the desire to make a positive difference in the lives of some of our community’s most disadvantaged and vulnerable citizens.

Citizen Advocacy Has Three Main Forms

Expressive Advocacy

Everyone needs to feel warmth and under-standing that comes from friendship.

Instrumental Advocacy

Everyone needs assistance at different times just to learn how to get along in everyday life.


In some situations people with intellectual dis-abilities are not treated with respect

Community Information Night

An open event held 25 May 2023, in Sunbury, Victoria, Australia, aimed at providing the community with information about the Sunbury Citizen Advocacy program, and Social Role Valorization (SRV).

Speakers included program coordinator, David Abela, a number of protégé’s and their advocates, and John Armstrong, an International SRV Association member and senior SRV trainer.

David Abela speaking

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