Advocates In Action

Be Inspired

There are many wonderful stories of how citizen advocates have enhanced the lives of their proteges with disability. Here’s a small selection….

4_3 Joan and Mary

Joan & Mary

I first met Mary when my husband Don and myself moved to Sunbury from the small town of Balranald, South Western NSW in 2003. Being new to the area,

4_2 Noel and Brenden

Noel & Brendan

Brendan has a main passion in life, his love of the Essendon Football team. He attends as many matches as possible and is pleased they are doing well this season.

4_4 Angelo and Elizabeth

Angela & Elizabeth

My decision to become an advocate was based on two things: the desire to give some of my spare time helping someone else and David Abela’s convincing description of what being an advocate actually entailed.

Jodie & Ash

When David called to ask if I would describe my experience as an advocate my immediate response was YES! I want people to know what a truly enriching experience this has been and continues to be for me.

Bill & Jimmy

Sometimes just being a Friend is all it takes!

It wasn’t so long ago Jimmy (not his real name) was homeless, mixing with a bad crowd, in trouble with the law and dealing with mental illness. He even found himself on that slippery slope of self-medicating with drugs that only exacerbated his situation and sent him on a perilous spiral.