Information Night

Community Information Night 2023

An open event held 25 May 2023, aimed at providing the community with information about the Sunbury Citizen Advocacy program, and Social Role Valorization (SRV).

Speakers included program coordinator, David Abela, a number of protégé’s and their advocates, and John Armstrong, an International SRV Association member and senior SRV trainer.

John Armstrong | What Is Social Role Valorization Responding To?

What is the purpose of Social Role Valorization? John Armstrong addresses the nature of what it is Social Role Valorization (SRV) is responding to.

John Armstrong is a senior trainer of Social Role Valorization (SRV), and International SRV Association member.

David Abela | Creating and Supporting Relationships Between Vulnerable and Everyday Persons

David Abela provides an overview of what Citizen Advocacy is, why it’s needed, the roles involved and the value of freely given independent relationships between advocate and protégé.

David Abela is program coordinator for Sunbury Citizen Advocacy and Districts Inc.

Lyn and Heather | Citizen Advocacy Relationship

Lyn and Heather share the story of how they came together in a Citizen Advocacy relationship, and how that grew into a wonderful friendship, with positive impact in both of their lives.

David Sharpe | Citizen Advocacy Relationship

David Sharpe shares the story of his relationship, with his advocate and friend, Angelo Micallef.

Emma & Marilou | Citizen Advocacy Relationship

Marilou shares the story of her advocacy and friendship with her protégé Emma.

Deb & Michelle | Citizen Advocacy Relationship

Deb and Michelle share some aspects of their beautiful Citizen Advocacy relationship and friendship, as well as some charming anecdotes.