Staff Members


David Abela


Manages the whole programme that entails the following tasks:

  • Administer the organisation mission as per aims and objectives of the program
  • Talking with people who have an intellectual disability who may be interested in having an advocate to assist them.
  • Talking with potential advocates about the philosophy of Citizen Advocacy and other relevant issues.
  • The coordinator carefully match the advocates and protégé’s to ensure there is a good between the needs and interest of the protégés and the abilities, resources and commitments of the advocate.


Citizen Advocacy is managed by a committee of management, comprising of up to ten people from the local community who work with the staff to ensure the program’s goals and objectives are met. The committee is comprised of persons with a balance of skills, identities, interests and abilities, all of whom share a commitment to the philosophy and principles of Citizen Advocacy.

The Committee is structured thus:

Greg Osborn

Tony Tanti

Carmela Rigby

David Abdilla
General Member

Gerard Domingo
General Member

David Sharpe
General Member